Palgrave Macmillan Coinage and State Formation in Early Modern English

A reassessment of the historic relation between money and state through lens of early modern English literature, Coinage State Formation examines political implications of monetary form in light of material visual propertie


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SAGE Publications, Inc Data Visualization & Presentation With Microsoft

Written for students, professionals, and social scientists with little or no knowledge of data visualization principles, Data Visualization & Presentation With Microsoft Office by Valerie M. Sue Matthew T. Griffin presents


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Routledge The Formation of Modern Iraq and Syria

This volume examines the impact of clandestine overt political organizations in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine Iraq after World War I. It analyzes Amir Faysal's short lived state in post war relations between Syrians, Iraqis


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Springer Spontaneous and Induced Intima Formation in Blood Vessels

Atherosclerosis, most common disease in humans and also main cause of death in Western world, only develops after an intima is formed. The is defined as region of arterial wall from endothelial surface to luminal


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Springer Medical Images: Formation, Handling Evaluation

Medical imaging is a very important area in diagnostic (and increasingly therapeutic) medicine. Many new techniques being developed or extended which depend on digital methods. Although conventional x radiographs still comprise bulk of


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Palgrave Pivot Moments, Attachment and Formations of Selfhood

Using innovative empirical data, this book presents a unique approach to looking at moments, exploring the deeper meanings of why memories stand out how they influence an individual's sense of self. Forrest challenges privileged position o


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Routledge Skin Color and Identity Formation

The focus of this study is on the ways in which skin color moderates perceptions of opportunity and academic orientation of 17 Mexican Puerto Rican high school students. More specifically, study's analysis centered on cataloguing r


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Elsevier Masson DEASS. Diplôme d'Etat d'assistant de service social:

L'assistant de service social (ASS) intervient auprès de personnes confrontées à des difficultés familiales, professionnelles, financières, scolaires ou médicales. Il leur apporte une aide et un soutien pour faciliter inserti


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Ideal Lux Up And Down SP1 Noir



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Palgrave Macmillan State Formation and Identity in the Middle East North

For states in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, "Arab Spring" has had different implications consequences, stemming from politics of identity historical political processes that have shaped developmen


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